Christmas Sewing Goodies!

Here are some of the sewing themed presents I received this year!

1) Sewing Basket

My brother was obviously steered towards this by my parents instead of buying me a load of chocolate again. The basket has a magnetic seal concealed by a cute wooden button, which suits the beautiful floral fabric which surrounds most of the basket. Inside, attached to the lid, is a small elasticated pocket to keep smaller sewing objects safe. There is also a circular pincushion, which is very handy, as I am always mislaying my normal pincushion. Down in the main part of the basket, there is a tray which is about half the size of the basket, but there is space underneath. The tray is split into smaller sections, which is great for buttons, ribbons and anything else I find. The box isn’t massive, but it is a great place for putting all the essential little bits, as I have done.

2) Corduroy

One of two fabrics I received was an amazing wine coloured corduroy. I have been wanting some corduroy for a while, as there is a skirt from a magazine I brought, that I would like to make. The wine colour is my favourite at the moment and is lovely for the winter. I will post some pictures of the skirt when I have made it.

3) Flamingo Fabric and Orla Pattern

The Orla pattern is the newest pattern from ‘Tilly And The Buttons’. I really loved the shape of the collar and that it was a longer length of top. I plan on making the shorter sleeve version, which will be great for the summer. I was lucky enough to be able to choose my own fabric for this, as my parents were struggling to find something that I might like. I found a wonderful flamingo cotton print. I thought it looked lovely on the website, but it is even better in the flesh. It feels very smooth and it should be great to wear. As with the corduroy, I will post some pictures of the finished top.

If you would like the same fabric, you can buy it here!

4) Sew It Up- Ruth Singer

This book is now an instant favourite of mine. The book has great pictures and instructions on a lot of the different sewing techniques. I spotted this book a couple of months back whilst shopping with my dad. He must have been looking out for Christmas presents all the way back then, as I was delighted to see this reappear. It is a hardback book and certainly weighs a ton, as do a lot of my sewing books. One thing that is noticeable about this book is the rage of techniques that it covers in 300 pages. I read a few of the different tutorials of how to do different zip and buttonhole finishes and everything was very clear. It would be a great book for beginners looking to learn or an advanced sewist looking for a reminder.

5) Dressmaking Mannequin

This was my main present this year. I managed to find a very pretty dummy, which wasn’t an easy task as I needed a petit sized one. It has three dials on the chest, waist and hips. This means that it is great for making garments, without having to try them on all the time, though it is still necessary. I have already put my latest dress on and it looks right at home in my sewing room.


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Please leave a comment below if you got an exciting sewing present!


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