Sophia Top


This is the Sophia Top, which I finished making today. It is from the Love Sewing magazine (issue 19). I have used some lovely tartan fabric, which I brought in the sales for a mere £3.49 per metre. I loved the fabric so much that it did take me awhile to figure out what to make with it. The pattern I chose, was a simple yet cute top. I adapted the pattern from the sheet by extending the length by 5” to make it more of a t-shirt length to go with leggings and jeans rather than the cropped length to go with the skirt in the pattern.

The top is made from five different pieces: front bodice, back bodice, front neck facing, back neck facing and arm hole facings. You simply sew the pieces together at the shoulders, attach the facings, sew up the sides and hem. It is a wonderfully simple top, which I thought would be a break after the Megan Dress I made. The facings give the edges a sharp finish in a way hemming couldn’t. It doesn’t say to do so on the instructions, but I topstitched the arm hole facings onto the shoulders 1/4” from the edge. Before this they were quite loose and didn’t give the right shape to the arms. The topstitching secured them and I would definitely recommend doing this.

The top is a great fit for me. I used the size 8 from the pattern, which gives you room to feel comfortable. The pattern comes in sizes 8-20. There is also a 3/4 length pleated skirt in the same pattern.

You can buy the magazine and pattern here.

You can buy the same fabric I used from here.







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