Fabric Printing

As part of my GCSE course, I have had to add my own print to some fabric. Here is how I did it and I hope you can use this to make your garments more personal.

You will need:

  • fabric
  • fabric paint
  • a paint brush
  • a cookie cutter
  • newspaper

1) Cover your work surface with newspaper to avoid the paint soaking through onto it. To create a uniform shape I used a cookie cutter. I use a star shaped one throughout this tutorial, but there are many other interesting shapes to use. Place your cutter where you want to put the shape.



2) Add a decent amount of paint onto your brush. Don’t put too much on, as you could drip it across your fabric. Hold the cutter steady with one hand, whilst painting inside it with the other. As you paint near the edge of the cutter hold it down in that area a little more to avoid the paint leaking out.


3) Carefully remove the cutter, so you don’t smudge the paint. You should now how a crisp edge to your shape. You will have to make sure the paint is dry before doing anything with you fabric.


4) Now repeat these steps until you have covered all of your fabric!



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