Wrist Pincushion Tutorial

This wrist pincushion is not only quick and easy to make, but great for when you have your hands full!

– 30 cm by 30 cm square

– 30 cm of elastic (enough to go around your wrist)

– contrast embroidery thread

– a button

– sewing thread
1) First you need to need to decide how big you want yours to be. The pincushion in the picture has a diameter of 6cm. To get this size I drew a circle with a diameter of 14cm. Double the size you want and then add 2cm.
2) Once you have cut out your circle, run some stitches close to the edge all the way around.

3) Pull the end of the thread, to gather it up. As you go, gradually put in the stuffing until it is firm.

4) Stitch the pincushion closed on the bottom.

5) Using embroidery thread, divide the pincushion into 8. Start the stitch at the bottom of the cushion (where you closed it up) and then, at the middle of the cushion finish that stitch and start the next one to go down the other side. Finish the stitch at the bottom on the cushion. Divide the pincushion is half, then into quarters and then into eighths.

6) Add a button to the top of the pincushion, where all the embroidery thread lines cross.

7)  To make the wristband, I used elastic. Wrap the elastic around you wrist, so that it rest comfortably. Add another 3cm to the length and cut.

8) Overlap the the two short edges by 1.5cm and use a zig-zag stitch to secure them.

9) Handstitch the elastic wristband onto the bottom of the pincushion to hide the closing.

There we go! You now have a beautiful wrist pincushion.


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