My name is Sophie M. I am currently a 15 year old textiles student. I have only been sewing since April this year, yet sewing has become a real passion of mine.
As the last project before we broke up for the summer, we were allowed to choose from a list of ideas of what we wanted to make. The textiles option was a clear choice for me, as I had had enough of sanding wood. The trouble was though, I hadn’t sewn since year 7, when six weeks of textiles had been compulsory. In these six weeks, we were told to make a cushion. Mine did work out and is now sitting proudly in my sewing room, to remind myself of when it started. I went ahead and said I would happily do the textiles.The realisation of what I had done came later that evening. What had I done! I was quite lucky that my mother watched The Great British Sewing Bee and had asked for the books for Christmas. I flicked through the books, trying to find something which even I could make. I eventually found a skirt. The fact that it was called ‘the easy sew skirt’ made it clear that was what I should do.

After two months of working out how not to break the expensive looking sew machines and how not to stab myself with every pin, I produced a skirt! Yay!


Don’t worry! 8 months later, I can now sew quite confidently, without throwing things across the room. It has happened. I now want to help people who were in my situation before. Or if you just want to start sewing. I’m not saying I know everything, because I don’t, but I will be able at least help you some of the way to sewing success. Please share your first sewing experience or any worried you have below.



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